Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days {Day 21} Running to Stand Still

This is how I feel lately.
(Although I must admit, I don't look that fashionable as I'm running from A to B each day.)

Things have been more busy than usual this month.  
I feel myself in the middle of large tasks and I'm just doing my best to do my best.  
Shoulders up to my ears, jaw clenched and breath held. 
You know what I mean.  
The days when you just keep having to ask Jesus for help out loud over and over just to get through?

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I've been writing about Seeking Peace in the Midst of the Mess, but I'm definitely no expert.
I need this as much as the next multi-tasking, super juggler.

I find it especially interesting that this is the topic I felt led to write about for 31 days.
Because this month has been more hectic than usual.  
More challenging. 
And I feel the pressure.  
So, my posting each day has been a lesson for me.  
A reminder of what I can do to get some peace.   
And boy has it been needed.

But, what I realize on this 21st day is, sometimes you're running to stand still because you're closing the gap.  
The gap between your old harried, hectic, exhausting, even painful way of life and your new peace-ruled, purposeful life.

It's a transition, if you will.

So consider your own running to stand still phase as you read this about the transition phase in labor from

Transition is the most difficult phase of labor for most women; 
however, it is also the shortest phase generally lasting ½ hour to 1½ hours in length.
Physically, mom is experiencing contractions 2-3 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds, and are very strong in intensity. Contractions may even "piggy-back" which means one contraction may start to fade away and another one comes along immediately.

During this phase... 
Emotionally, mom can become restless, irritable, discouraged, and confused. She may find that she focuses inward as she works with her labor. She may have a hard time communicating her wishes. This is the point in labor when she usually needs the most support.

During transition, labor support is crucial for the mom's physical and emotional well-being. 
Remind her to take one contraction at a time and not to give in to the panicky feelings.
If Mom Panics: call her by name, take her face in your hands, develop and maintain eye contact, breathe with mom or talk her through the contraction, try variations in breathing patterns, and give lots of reassurance that she is near the end! Remember, any questions for mom should be asked BETWEEN contractions and not during. 

You may not be birthing a baby, but any of this resonate with how you've been feeling in your current challenges?
I know it does with me.

I have to say that I love the tips on what to do if Mom panics!  Only in a momentary period of calm should anyone even consider asking Mom a question...or else!

And here's what they had to say about giving encouragement to the one in transition...

As a partner there are many phrases you may use during labor.  The important thing is to keep talking.  You can not repeat yourself too often, especially when reminding her to relax and concentrate.
Remember, all words must be positive!

So let me step in as your coach for a moment...
Hang in there.
The contractions may be getting stronger, but you can do it.
Just try to relax.
You're doing great!
And you're almost through.

Running to stand still...
You and I...we're getting closer to closing that gap.

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Krystina said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really liked this one!! If we can remember how to live on both sides of the equation, that would be even better. To learn how to go through the birthing (transition) ourselves, or when we need to step in as coach for someone else who's there. If we can remember to both GIVE AND RECEIVE encouragement, I bet our transitions would be much more positive and strengthening. Just a thought :)

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