Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days {Day 29} Create a Mudroom Using What You Have

I know, you're probably thinking, 
What does creating a mudroom have to do with seeking peace?  

Well, if you've got kids and stuff then you know corralling their mess would definitely bring a little peace to the house.  So, take a look at these mudrooms I found on the web...great inspiration. 



source: pottery barn

Beautiful, huh?
  And completely least for me.  So, aside from moving into a brand new, big house, I decided to use what I already have in my nearly 100-year-old, small house to create my own mudroom.  And, when I get an idea, I want it done like yesterday, so I wasn't going for built-in cabinets or anything fussy, just function that still looked nice.  I used one of my go-to decorating techniques...I shopped the house.  Oh, I'd love to head over to HomeGoods and spend some serious money, but when money's tight, even for HomeGoods prices, I get creative. 

So, I set out to "shop the house" in order to create my "mini-mudroom" on the cheap (that is, for free)!
First, in my small house I needed to find the space. I don't have a "bonus" room or even a defined entryway into my home.  So, I decided upon a tiny, 3ft wide wall in my kitchen next to the fridge.

Then, I got to "shopping".

  I found a piece of wood in the garage. Had my hubby hang it and add some hooks he had lying around...a place to hang coats and backpacks...check.  I also repurposed some plastic file wall containers to hold homework in progress and other papers...3 mailboxes...check. jazz up the plain old wood, I covered it with scrapbook paper left over from my cork board re-do I did in the summer.  (You can check that out here.
To cover the wood I just cut the paper into strips, coated the plain wood with Mod Podge, randomly placed the paper strips and covered them with more MP...
30 minutes later...done!

  The boys had a cork board that wasn't really being utilized in their bedroom, so I added that to my mudroom...a place for important papers...check.

Again, I used the scrapbook paper to add a few details like pockets to hold papers that need to be turned in this week, such as field trip slips or picture forms.  I made a pocket mailbox for me too.  I also came up with a "school week at-a-glance" page.  This is where I can record everyone's "specials" for each day, sports events, and extra things that the boys may need to bring to school.  Having this in one place and out in the open helps me to keep track of what's going on in their world for the week, instead of scrambling at the last minute.

Finally, I grabbed 3 fabric bins I had purchased a couple years ago for toy storage.  I had since "downsized" the toys so the bins weren't being used...a place to corral shoes...check.

And this is what I came up's not Pottery Barn, but it was "free" and it's very functional.

And it brings some peace to the house...mission accomplished!

So what about you?
Do you need a place for your kids' stuff?
  Take a walk around your home with a creative eye.
  Where can you create your own mini-mudroom? 
Only have enough room to do it in a closet?
  Check out this closet-turned-mudroom from Ohdeedoh

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Rebecca Lukens Designs said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love that- it looks great- I think a smaller space is just perfect, think bigger space, more stuff, more clutter, more mess!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Very nice!! I love it!
I have 3 boys.. Andrew, Ethan and Samuel!! :)

Jennifer Martin said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Pretty genius!

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