Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 Days of Change

the nester

Ready for some change?  Well, hmm, that depends.  My personality isn't usually interested in change.  I  find I'm most comfortable when I know what's happening, so I don't generally like surprises.  I like to have a plan and not have to deviate from it.  But, life doesn't go that way and often I have to change whether I like it or not.  But, then, there's other times when things I've been doing or situations I'm dealing with that are just. not. working!   Then, I long for things to change but, I don't always know how or even have the energy to figure it out and I lose my peace.

So, that's where I find myself.  On one hand I've been through experiences, like when the doctor tells you words you never want to hear or when your husband comes home early from work---fired, and have learned to trust God and walk in peace no matter what it looked like.  Even going through all that (and more) having gained a peace that was beyond understanding, I still have other areas, lots of which aren't nearly as "big deal" as those I just mentioned, where I'm learning.  You know, the day-to-day stuff. Well, instead of continuing to be overwhelmed, which may lead to crawling into a cocoon in the middle of my bed, I thought I'd take the challenge to make real change in 31 days.  

So, I'm joining the popular blogger, The Nester for this challenge of picking one topic and blogging about it for 31 days straight.  

My topic for the 31 days is...
 Seeking Peace in the Midst of the Mess

I'm taking this time to go through and make the much needed changes while applying and sharing some of the things I've learned as I went through some of those "big deal" things.  I figured if I could go through the threat of losing a baby and a hubby suddenly without a job in peace, then I should be able to tackle the clutter in my life!

So, join me back here on Saturday October 1st for my kick-off post and read more about what to expect from me over the 31 days.

  I'd love to hear from you in the comments. :)
Are you in need of change?  How do you feel about change?

Have you missed a day in reading 31 Days of Seeking Peace in the Midst of the Mess ?  
Click on the ones you've missed & catch up...
{Day 1} The Things That Make for Peace

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CL Fair finds

So, yesterday I told you about my trip to the Country Living Fair.  Click here to read about that. 
Well, today I'm showing you the things I came home with.

There's just a few to share.  I'm on a tight budget so most of what I gathered at the fair was tons of inspiration, which was well worth the trip.  But I did manage to come home with a few goodies.

This is a charm using an old Scrabble tile.  One side shows the game piece and the other side is "remade" with a beautiful crown on it.  It's made by The Scrabble Chick.  I popped it on a sterling silver chain I already had and am loving wearing such a unique piece.

And while I'm on the topic of Scrabble tiles...
I picked these up at one of the tents.  A couple of vendors were selling these, so I can't remember who I bought them from.  I just dug through the large bowl of tiles and pulled out enough to spell out names and words that mean something to me.  I may add them to frames and some mixed media art.

I have seen vintage blue mason jars on etsy and in magazines and have always loved them.  I'm partial to the sea blue color.  So when I saw these at the Hot House Market tent at excellent prices I snapped them up.  It's a good thing because just a bit later they were sold out.

I also picked up this vintage framed painting of Jesus overlooking Jerusalem from Urban Farmhouse.  I was drawn to the colors...again with the blue.  But I picked it up because I loved that He was watching and praying over the city.  I like to think that He is watching and praying over my city, so I had to get it.  I may spray paint the frame or go without it...we'll see.

My sister picked up this book and some fabric from Sis Boom to give to her about to be 7 year-old daughter for her birthday.  The designer was at the event signing books and doing a Q&A on the main stage.  She creates beautiful fabrics and home decor inspired by colors of the Carribean.  She shared about following your passion and being creative.  Good words!

So that's it for the Country Living Fair for me...until next year!
Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country Living Fair

me and my sis

Two weekends ago my sister and I drove to Columbus, Ohio for the Country Living Fair.  The event basically brings the magazine to life. 

We had so. much. fun!

Not only was it great to get away and spend one on one time with my sis...hasn't happened in years...but it was great to get a breather from everyday life and be immersed in a creative atmosphere.    Our senses were on overload as we took in all the amazing vendors (over 200) and their creations, ate really yummy food and enjoyed beautiful weather and some good ol' country music.   

We are already planning a trip back there next year!  
I took a few photos of things that inspired me...which was far too many, so I couldn't put them all on here.  You can check out more details here if you're interested.  And , if you're in the Atlanta area Oct 21-23 you should check out the fair there.  

modern june

more mj...such a cute booth.

and more.

austin woodhenge
loved their industrial jewelry and the artist, Kathy, was awesome to talk with!

cute places to rest in between all the shopping.

happy chair

so the use of old book pages.

lots to feast the eyes on.

Christmas anyone?
love the mix of the glittery items with the old chippy paint table

good words.

love the colors.

had to get a pic of my sis with the matching vintage watering can we came across.

What a great weekend!
Tomorrow I'll show you the things I came home with. :)
Click here to read about that.
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