Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country Living Fair

me and my sis

Two weekends ago my sister and I drove to Columbus, Ohio for the Country Living Fair.  The event basically brings the magazine to life. 

We had so. much. fun!

Not only was it great to get away and spend one on one time with my sis...hasn't happened in years...but it was great to get a breather from everyday life and be immersed in a creative atmosphere.    Our senses were on overload as we took in all the amazing vendors (over 200) and their creations, ate really yummy food and enjoyed beautiful weather and some good ol' country music.   

We are already planning a trip back there next year!  
I took a few photos of things that inspired me...which was far too many, so I couldn't put them all on here.  You can check out more details here if you're interested.  And , if you're in the Atlanta area Oct 21-23 you should check out the fair there.  

modern june

more mj...such a cute booth.

and more.

austin woodhenge
loved their industrial jewelry and the artist, Kathy, was awesome to talk with!

cute places to rest in between all the shopping.

happy chair

so sweet...love the use of old book pages.

lots to feast the eyes on.

Christmas anyone?
love the mix of the glittery items with the old chippy paint table

good words.

love the colors.

had to get a pic of my sis with the matching vintage watering can we came across.

What a great weekend!
Tomorrow I'll show you the things I came home with. :)
Click here to read about that.


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I love the "You will have peace on your wings!" as you Soar! Soar! Soar!!!!!!! perfect!

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