Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Do It

In August I accomplished a tough goal.
  I ran a 5K.

  Now, you need to understand, just 8 weeks prior, I was not a runner and never had any plans to ever run, unless of course someone was chasing me and I had to run for my life.
  And I really wasn't planning on having to do that either!
....just sayin'.

But since I cancelled my Y membership nearly a year ago, I hadn't done much in the way of exercise, and I was feeling and blah.  So when one of my closest friends mentioned she wanted to start running, I heard myself saying, I'll do it with you.


So we started meeting early in the morning at a local park in mid-June.  We used the Couch to 5K app, C25K, on our iPhones and off we went.  I know that sounds all easy-breezy, but it was far from it!  Our area has a lot of runners and driving into this park on that 1st morning, it became pretty obvious where they all hung out.  Suddenly, the 2 girls who had never run, were two outsiders walking into a club that we clearly weren't dressed for, or even knew how to blend in to.  It was a bit intimidating to say the least.  So, doing our best to push past that, we set out with our iPhones programmed to week 1/day 1.  I was thinking, Ok, I'm a bit scared of how this running thing is going to go, but I'm not exactly coming from the couch, I mean I do run around taking care of 3 boys so surely I must be starting with a bit of an advantage over the couch potatoes right? But at the end of that 1st day of training, alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes, I was seriously wiped out, beat-down and haggard!  What's worse is I could barely make it up and down the stairs for the next 36 hours.  My non-workout body was in utter shock and my mind was screaming, Just Quit! 

It wasn't pretty and quite frankly if I thought there was any chance my friend wouldn't be waiting for me at the park on day 2, I would have gladly ended my running career right then with a tap of the snooze button, and rolled over to enjoy more sleep.

But I persisted and met my friend 3x a week for 8 weeks until we completed the program.  There were great times of being with my friend and connecting, there were agonizing times when we pushed our bodies way beyond our comfort level, and in summer heat no less.  There were hysterical times like when we set out on our 1st day of running 2 miles, and as soon as we finished our warm-up and began running, the sky opened up and poured torrential rains upon us.  We kept going and laughed most of the way.  The irony was just too running 2 miles in the rain?  We realized that we non-runners had somehow become runners and I was now one of those people I used to call crazy.      

Anyway, we finished the 8 week program, and the very next week we ran a 5K.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  During the last mile I felt as though someone was pummeling my stomach and I was so hot it felt like my head might explode.  But we came across that finish line running.  I was so happy it was over so the pain would end.  But also, so happy it was over because I accomplished a really hard goal. 

And because it was so hard to accomplish it means so much more.   

So this is what I learned...

1.  It's good to get out of my comfort zone and try the hard thing that I don't know how to do.
 (That's a huge stretch for me because my nature is quite the opposite...I generally like to know how to do things before I decide to do them.) It was a great mental and physical challenge to take on something I didn't know how to do.

2.  If I change a bit of my routine, I can change my life.
  Prior to June I had no exercise routine.  But making a place for it in my life over the past few months has helped me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  That one change in my routine has changed the shape of my week. 

3. Doing something new with a friend anchors you to that goal.
  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would have quit had it not been for my commitment to my friend.  After the pain and the heat exhaustion, I would have rationalized my way right out of accomplishing that goal and would have gladly rolled over in my bed on day 2.  Without knowing it, she kept me there and I so enjoyed the bonding that experience brought to us.  It was a richer experience because I did it with a friend.
4. Give yourself some grace and remember to laugh.
  Woo, is this a biggie!  Grace, grace and more grace.  Remember to come as you are, start where you're at, and just to be all that you can be.  Abandon any temptation at comparison and just do it.  Don't take it too's running, not the ER.  I used to always say that when I was a general manager at Gap.  When things were just too crazy stressful, I would say out loud, to myself and whoever else was standing nearby, we're selling jeans, not working in the ER people...let's just chill out! 

5.  Finally, celebrate the accomplishment.
  I did it!  Accomplishing a goal that all of my life I never thought I had the desire or courage for is hard to describe.  But it stirs me on.  It makes me realize that I'm made to do more than even I ever imagined.  It makes me want to keep going.  

I feel the strength and motivation to go after more goals.  Suddenly possibility and hope rise up and bring a certain freedom.  Freedom from small mindsets, freedom from even how I viewed myself.  

Makes me want to see what else this girl can do.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Did It!

  Well, here's my scary before shot in my cousin's chair.  Look at all that hair...yikes!  

She ended up cutting off 15"!  I wanted to donate it but apparently color-treated hair is not acceptable.  I would think that seriously leaves out about 99.9% of women, but whatever.
So the 15" inches went in the trash and this is what I was left with...

I didn't turn into Gwyneth or Sandra but I LOVE it!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fruit Appears


A friend sent this scripture to me the other morning...

But what happens when we live God's way?
 He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard - things like affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity.
 We develop a willingness to stick with things, a sense of compassion in the heart, and a conviction that a basic holiness  permeates things and people.
 We find ourselves involved in loyal commitments, not needing to force our way in life, able to marshal and direct our energies wisely.
Galatians 5:22-23 (the message)

It was a very timely word for me because on Monday I am entering a new season with different responsiblities and I'm not quite sure how it's all going to go scheduling wise.  A season that has all 3 of my boys in school full-time...Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade.  A season where I'm not needed to be a stay-at-home mom.  That's a huge change for me because that's been my primary role for over 9 1/2 years and I was comfortable with it.  Still, I'll be here for them in the mornings to get them off to school and when school lets out, I'll be in the carline to bring them home, but in between my days will be different.  I'm nervous and I'll miss not having one at home, but I also am gaining a bit of excitement for what the season holds. 

As I prayed all this year about what I was to do, anticipating this new season coming, two jobs plopped into my lap over the past few months.  These jobs felt right and work perfectly with my family's needs.  I knew that they were answers to my prayers.  But still there's been this nagging anxiousness that has me questioning, how am I going to do all of this?  How am I going to juggle all of these hats?  Mommy, wife, home manager, children's ministry leader, 3-year-old teaching assistant, student (gotta take a college course for one of the jobs), volunteering in each boy's classroom, PTA vice-president, friend, writer, etc.

The thought of juggling schedules and doing it all well has been wearing on me before I even begin.  I was forgetting that I spent the past year praying for this season.  Praying for God's direction and will for me and my schedule.  He's the One who's brought me into each of these things; He's given me the hats to wear. How then, can I put each of them on and forget to look to the One who gave them in the first place?  Scary how easy it is to attempt to take this on in my own power and knowledge and forget the One from whom all wisdom comes.

He knew and so He turns my head back towards Him with His word...
And my anxious heart is soothed by the promises for those who live God's way...even in a new season.
Promises that He brings gifts like fruit that appears in the orchard.  I love how the scripture says it just shows up one day.
Gifts like affection for my children, my husband, my friends, the children I care for and minister to.  Exuberance for life and serenity even when my days are packed with activity.  A willingness to stick with the things He's given me, even when it feels hard.  A deep sense of compassion in my heart for those around me, even 13 little 3-year-olds.  A conviction that believes a basic holiness permeates my labor and the people in my charge.  An ability to remain and be loyal to the duties and people I've committed myself to.  And maybe even best of all, no need to force my way in life.  Trusting that because He's made the way, I am able to direct my skills and energies wisely.  All I need do is rest in Him and let this new season begin.  

So, whatever season you find yourself in, know that if you're doing what God has called you to do, He will cause you to bear fruit.  No effort of your own can bring it about, at least not the lasting, satisfying kind of fruit.  All you need to do is rest on His Vine and watch the fruit appear. 

This was just the kind of reminder I needed this week. 


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Time for a Change

I'm getting my haircut today.

Over the past 15 years my hair has been every length from super short to super long.
Super long is what it's been for the past several years and I'm so ready for a change.  My cousin has done my hair on and off for years.  Last year I was at her shop admiring a shoulder-length cut she had just given one of her clients.  As the woman stepped out of her chair, I guess my cousin saw the look on my face and immediately announced, Don't even think about it, I'm not cutting your hair that short!  I like my long hair and have gotten lots of compliments on it, but I feel it's time for something new.  New season, new do.  So, I emailed her the other day to make sure she would be on board to give me a serious cut.  She is.  Great!  Still, I'm a bit nervous, what if it ends up looking bad?  What if I start seeing everyone with long hair and regret my choice?  And you know that whole long hair thing and feeling like it's your beauty.  All silly, (and vain) I know.

Whatevs...I'm going for it.
  Just hope I don't chicken out!

Here are a few of my inspiration pics...been pinning these on Pinterest all year!





Now I better go delete all the long hair pics on my Pinterest hair board so they don't make me misty later!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's been far too long since I've been to these pages.  At the risk of an awkward re-entry, I'm just jumping back in with a shy "hello." I feel that sort of awkward, anxiousness you feel when you haven't talked with a dear friend in a very long time...where do I begin?  Do I just pick up the phone and call after all this time?  Then finally, when I've experienced the pulls on my heart so many times that she's showing up in my dreams, I reach out and by God's grace we pick up right where we left off, like we never missed a beat.

  Hoping for that grace to cover me here today with you, friend.

I'll be back this week and we'll catch right up on days gone by and share a bit of what's to come.

  Praying all has been well with you.  


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go See This Movie

Last night I went to see an amazing movie.  It's filmed real world documentary style.  "Father of Lights" is a journey around the world to reveal God's heart for His children.  And we are all His children, no matter how we're living, no matter race, religion or caste, He is a Daddy who loves.  Filmmaker Darren Wilson says this about his film on the
"Father of Lights" website....

Father of Lights is about God’s heart. I went into making this film by asking the simple question: who is God? I wanted to know His character, His personality, and who He truly is. To answer this question, we had to peel back the many layers of religious garbage that has been passed onto him through generations. That He is angry. Vengeful. Wrathful. And in general, that He doesn’t like you very much. The truth, as you will see vibrantly in this film, is that He is the most loving, compassionate, and wonderful Father you can imagine.

Check out the trailers below and then check out the website here to see when it will be playing this summer in your city.  Go, watch, get caught up in the movie and be forever changed by the Father's heart for you and for the world.  
You won't be the same.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lifting Him Up

Just wanted to share a worship song that I've been enjoying lately...
Enjoy your Sunday as you magnify Jesus.

a little weekend reading


Summer's here and I thought I'd get back into sharing some good reads on the weekends.  Here are some inspiring summer ideas, from what to do with the kids on those summer days to what to eat and drink.

1.  100 free things to do with your kids this summer from Digital Reflections.

2.  101 ways to embrace summer from Organizing Your Way.

3.  Here are some great ways to make a tastier glass of water on those hot and humid days from The Yummy Life. 

4.  This not so traditional fruit salad looks so yummy...gotta try it from Two Peas and Their Pod.  

5.  Sidewalk chalk is popular this time of year.  How about using it to jazz up your photos from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letting God Lead

Oh wouldn't life be so easy if everyone (ahem, husband and kids) just did exactly what we wanted them to do, exactly when we wanted it done?  Bliss.  But sadly this is not the case, and really, God doesn't intend for us to be the captain's of our own ships, overriding everyone's will so ours never has to go a-wanting.   But honestly, it can be a struggle for me to have projects piled up around the house because my husband is too busy being handy at everyone else's homes that he has no time to be handy in ours.  You know that old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes?  I hate it when people say that to me like that's going to be some comfort when I'm aggravated about my house being a sight for sore eyes even though I have a very talented contractor husband.  Do you think I'll feel a comforting camaraderie with the wife of a shoemaking husband who's children run around bare-footed when it's not barefoot season?  Not.

Anyway, this is where I was a few days ago, looking around at all the undone to-dos, boxes of cabinets filling the front porch, tree stumps filling our tiny little back yard and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Then when driving to a friend's house for a playdate, I was pulled over and received a $63 ticket for a brake light that's been out.  A brake light that my husband promised to fix.  Well the temptation to freak out was knocking hard on my door and more than a few "I told you so's" were on the tip of my tongue.  I was not happy.  

Well, the next morning I woke up early to have some quiet time and pray and I read this in a Joyce Meyer devotional that I have...  
Our day might seem better if everyone would just do what we tell them to do. But God doesn’t override people’s will, and we are not to do so either.  Instead of trying to control people, pray that they will “hear” God leading them.  If someone persists in doing something his or her own way today, show your confidence in God by stepping aside.  You may learn that you were wrong, or they may learn that you were right.  God is big enough to get both you and them out of any mess they make.  Either way, He will get the glory, if you put your trust in Him.

God was speaking right to me.  In my temptation to be angry with my husband and feel discouraged, God reminds me that it's Him who does the work in hearts, not me.  I love my husband and I'm thankful that he works so hard to take care of his family.  Oh how the very things that bring us blessing can be the very things, when looking through willful eyes can bring us's all in the seeing.

And, that early morning on the couch with my devotional, God opened my eyes and I saw that He's the One in charge, not me.  If I'm frustrated, I go to Him in prayer because He is where my help comes from.  I cling to Him, do what I can do in the situation and pray for Him to do what I can't.

So this Freedom Friday {which happens to be on a Saturday...shhh} I decide to let God lead others while I trust in Him.

  Are you struggling with the temptation to live in anger and discouragement with a loved one? Place them in God's able hands and put your trust in Him.

Yes, let none who trust and wait hopefully and look for You be put to shame or be disappointed; let them be ashamed who forsake the right or deal treacherously without cause.
Psalm 25:3

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Friday, June 15, 2012

For Such a Time As This

When I hear sermons about the end times and listen to talk about how things are getting worse and that the future for our country is bleak, I’m not going to lie, it has sparked fear in me and leaves me feeling unsettled.  I mean I realize that the world’s political and economic climates are not good.  There are wars and rumors of wars, there’s famine, there’s unusual and catastrophic weather patterns...all things that are mentioned in the Bible as signs of the end of the age.

  We live in a time where there’s a complete disregard for God’s word; what is evil is said to be good and what is good is said to be evil.  God, and all things related to Him, is made to be mocked in entertainment in the name of freedom.  Laws are in place to aid a woman in killing her unborn child in the name of choice.  Of course why shouldn’t God just allow us all to suffer through the worst of tribulation right now?

  Some people in the church say that we are in the end and it’s only going to get worse, Prepare, get your affairs in order, stockpile food, build an underground shelter, stow away cash.  I find this talk to be heavy and grim and it just doesn't sit well in my spirit.  Is the church supposed to just hunker down?

A few days ago I read this post from global worship leader Sean Feucht.  In his excitement he shares about what God’s doing in manifesting his dreams of worship and using him and many others to usher in the Presence of the Lord around the globe.  He is encouraged in these times, seeing God moving and touching so many hearts and bringing forth miracles and salvations in so many parts of the world.

  What a juxtaposition of outlooks on the exact same times.  I thought on all of this and I felt the Lord whisper in my spirit, 

“Find your place in it.” 

  Aren’t we, as lovers of the Most High, supposed to keep our eyes on Him believing and contending for His Kingdom while making a difference with our lives on this earth?  We are to change atmospheres and ignite passion for the Lord.  Now I’m not saying that getting prepared for bad times is wrong, we are to be aware of the times and the seasons.  But sometimes I feel that there can be this spirit of hunkering down and doom and gloom and plans for fleeing that bother me.  God help me to find a balance between wisdom and preparation and being completely focused on You, sold out and on fire and believing the best because you can do me to find my place in this.

Queen Esther comes to mind and how she was used to save the lives of thousands.

 A young Jewish girl, Esther went to the palace of the Persian king by force, one of up to 1400 young women taken from their homes and all that they knew so the king could find a new wife.  Hiding her true identity as a Jew, Esther found herself in a situation where she could have just been someone who the king slept with once and forgot about, left to live life as a lonely concubine, but God’s hand was on Esther and she was made queen, placing her in a position of influence before trouble came so she could be used of God to save her people from an evil plot of annihilation.  When the plot to destroy the Jews was set into motion, her uncle sent her word from outside the palace walls imploring her to use her influence with the king to beg mercy for the Jews, reminding her that she may have come into her royal position for such a time as this.

 Esther found that her place in the situation was one of influence in the king's court and she was used mightily.

  I believe that we have the very same position of influence.  Although our influence is not with an earthly king, but in the courts of heaven with the King of Kings.  We can come boldly before His throne and intercede on behalf of our nation and beg mercy for those who live outside the King's chambers.  We can see relief and deliverance come to a nation if we choose not to remain silent.  

Esther got herself focused and trusted God in prayer.  She stepped out, used her gifts, and the way God made her...special and fitted for that time and place.  The Bible says that God decides the times and places of our days.  God gave her favor, wisdom and protection.  She came into her destiny in the worst of times.  Although it wasn't easy and took amazing courage, especially in revealing that she herself was a Jew, Esther was willing to even give up her own life to fulfill her purpose in the palace.  She found her place in it and changed the destiny of her people.

  So I look to Esther's example, a regular girl placed in a position of influence during volatile times, given extraordinary favor to fulfill God's purpose and bring deliverance to a nation.

  My prayer today is, Lord help me to find my place in these times.  Help me to be myself, using the gifts you've given me, grant me extraordinary favor to fulfill your purpose in this earth, and even bring deliverance to a nation.
Help me to take up my position of influence for such a time as this.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Dreams

 Lately my days have been cluttered and full.
  Busy days, endless to-dos, end of school year activities, phone calls, emails, friendships, parties, kids, husband, me?, groceries, errands, cooking, house projects, clutter, baseball games, late nights, ministry, planning, meetings, deadlines...and, oh my, this house is a wreck!

Lots of good and necessary things in there, but sometimes it seems too much and I get cranky and exhausted and just want to escape...
I feel on the edge.

What to do when all you want to do is escape?

I've imagined making time stop so I can have a time-out and catch up while all is frozen in pause-button-stillness.  Ahhh, now that would be nice, but let's get real, it's not going to happen.

But as I sit here watching the sunrise on the last day of 1st and 3rd grade for my 2 older boys, I dream.  Summer break is upon us and oh how we can use the break.  Remember the excitement you felt as a child when school let out and summer began?  A whole stretch of days laid out before you with endless possibility and fun.  Each morning the warm sun woke you up to a day of fun and anticipation.  The only decisions you made were which friends to play with and what games to play.  I have so many memories of being outside all day riding bikes, swimming, playing 4-square, chinese jumprope, hide-n-seek, and barbies with my sisters and neighbors.  We went out after breakfast and only came in at meal times just to run right back out after the meal was over.

  Days full of laughter and fun. 
It seemed as though time stood still. 

As this summer is about to begin I decide to try something new.  Focus on my inner kid.  I don't mean anything new-agey by that.  I just want to approach this summer like I did when I was a little girl, all full of possibilities.  

So, today, even though my house is a wreck and my boys will be getting out of school at 11:30am, I'm going to set aside some time to sit outside in the sun and dream.  I'm going to make a list of things that would bring me joy to do this summer.  Yes, I'm still mommy to 3 active boys, still wife to a hard-working husband, still home manager and business manager, still children's ministry leader, but, I'm realizing that inside of me there's still a girl who longs for fun and creativity and beauty.  A girl who likes to read a good story, create beauty with her hands and words and spend time laughing with friends.  This girl wants to get lost in the possibility of a whole stretch of days.
Days full of laughter and fun.
  Days that seem as though time stands still.

Join me?
Set aside some time today to search your heart and make a list of things that would bring you joy to do this summer.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

What Are You Focusing On?

When we taught our boys how to ride their bikes, initially their feet distracted them.  They were so caught up in watching their feet and getting used to the pedals that their focus was constantly aimed downward, instead of ahead of them at where they were going.  With eyes looking at feet and mind concentrating on the mechanics of pedaling, the arms and body were drawn downward by their focus and inevitably the bike followed suit and boy and bike ended up in a heap on the ground.  We'd rush over and pick them up, brush them off, get them back on the bike and begin the process again, always encouraging them to look up and focus on where they wanted to go; that the bike would follow their focus. 

You know this is also the way of dreams....those little previews into the life that God has for us.  We'll get there if we focus on where it is we want to go.  I heard recently that the likelihood of realizing your dreams goes up by 98% if you write them down and keep them in front of you.  I know from experience that it's not enough to just write them down.  I've written so many things down over the years only to forget about that list just a short while later.  The worst is finding it after 5 years has gone by only to discover in dismay that I haven't realized a single dream.  Ugh!  I didn't realize then that my path would have turned up at the right destination had I only changed my focus. 

We can get so caught up in the mechanics of the dream (how's it going to work, when's it going to happen, what do I need to do, etc) that we lose sight of the dream itself.  Before we know it our gaze has turned inward, focusing on our own inabilities which fuel fear instead of the faith we need to look ahead, and we end up in a heap of introspection...stuck. 

We need to change our focus.

Think about your dreams.  Last week we talked about them being previews of life's coming attractions.  So, let's dust ourselves off and get back on those dreams, this time with our focus on our destination.  For each dream you have, find a picture that represents that dream.  Are you believing for physical healing?  Find a picture of yourself when you were at your healthiest and keep it in front of you daily as you pray and speak over yourself that you are healed.  Do you want to be debt free?  Know your debt, make a list of your debts with the total amount in plain sight.  Pray over and speak to that amount as being paid in full daily.  Do you dream of an organized home?  Pull out pictures from a magazine which represent what you want for your home.  Keep those images in front of you as you press toward that goal.   

Motivation and faith can be either fueled or depleted by what we choose to focus on.

  We can choose life or death for our dreams merely by what we choose to gaze upon day after day.  This time around I'm choosing to change my gaze and put pictures of my dreams in front of me in a place where I can see them daily.  

You know, with the biking, the process took a different length of time for each of our sons.  It was really a process of trust... trusting their parent's advice, but most of all, trusting their own focus and the notion that bike and body would follow it's lead.  Each child needed to go at his own pace and take his tumbles before getting it.  But, all it took with each one was that one time when they looked up and forgot about the mechanics of biking long enough to get a feel of the breeze on their cheeks....and they were hooked.  Even if they fell after a few moments they had enough of a taste to know that they could do it and they wanted more.  Each attempt at changing their focus from feet to straight ahead brought them a few revolutions closer to freedom, until, eventually, they took off.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Coming Attractions

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  Right away things are probably coming to mind.
  Things that you only have dreamt of.
Would you write a book; would you paint that piece of art you have been envisioning; would you run a marathon; would you start your own business; would you go next door and pray for that neighbor who’s terminally ill; would you pull your child out of public school and homeschool instead; would you learn something new; would you adopt a child; would you be a dancer; would you sing; would you open a little boutique; would you create your own art event; would you start a new friendship; would you go deeper with the friendships you have; would you be a missionary; would you blaze a trail where no one has gone before?

What is it you dream of?    
Why not just do it?

I’ve always been a dreamer...lots of ideas and projects in my head but not many have come to fruition.  What stops me?  Being practical and letting routine rule as one day flows into the next.

  I recently read that Albert Einstien said,
 “Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

 Now I used to be a huge fan of going to the movies before we had kids.  My sister and her husband would go with us all the time and one of our favorite things was the watching the coming attractions.  I love how they put together all the best snippets of a movie and weave it together into a great 2 minute package.  If it was something that interested me I couldn’t wait til the movie came out.  And if there were 5 or 6 previews before the movie began my sister and I were in heaven.
If we went separately we always asked each other excitedly, "How were the previews?"

 Your dreams, my dreams are our previews into the life that God has for us.  They show us what could be if we would only believe and choose to pursue them.  And yes it would be easy to do if we were guaranteed to avoid failure, but then that would be predictable and I don't know about you but I hate a predictable movie.  The best ones are the ones where the character pursues something that means so much that the cost becomes so little compared to the return.  And in the midst of it all she's going through ups and downs and twists and turns and discovering a strength and a beauty deep within herself that she and the world would have missed had she not chosen to pursue the dream.  

I know, life isn't a movie.  It's much better.  It's a living, breathing, fluid thing.  It's a precious opportunity each and every day.
So, take some time to enjoy the previews of your own coming attractions.  
Then, make today the day you start to pursue your dreams and write your script.

Is this your first visit to Freedom Friday?
We're embracing freedom each Friday here in 2012.
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