Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letting God Lead

Oh wouldn't life be so easy if everyone (ahem, husband and kids) just did exactly what we wanted them to do, exactly when we wanted it done?  Bliss.  But sadly this is not the case, and really, God doesn't intend for us to be the captain's of our own ships, overriding everyone's will so ours never has to go a-wanting.   But honestly, it can be a struggle for me to have projects piled up around the house because my husband is too busy being handy at everyone else's homes that he has no time to be handy in ours.  You know that old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes?  I hate it when people say that to me like that's going to be some comfort when I'm aggravated about my house being a sight for sore eyes even though I have a very talented contractor husband.  Do you think I'll feel a comforting camaraderie with the wife of a shoemaking husband who's children run around bare-footed when it's not barefoot season?  Not.

Anyway, this is where I was a few days ago, looking around at all the undone to-dos, boxes of cabinets filling the front porch, tree stumps filling our tiny little back yard and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Then when driving to a friend's house for a playdate, I was pulled over and received a $63 ticket for a brake light that's been out.  A brake light that my husband promised to fix.  Well the temptation to freak out was knocking hard on my door and more than a few "I told you so's" were on the tip of my tongue.  I was not happy.  

Well, the next morning I woke up early to have some quiet time and pray and I read this in a Joyce Meyer devotional that I have...  
Our day might seem better if everyone would just do what we tell them to do. But God doesn’t override people’s will, and we are not to do so either.  Instead of trying to control people, pray that they will “hear” God leading them.  If someone persists in doing something his or her own way today, show your confidence in God by stepping aside.  You may learn that you were wrong, or they may learn that you were right.  God is big enough to get both you and them out of any mess they make.  Either way, He will get the glory, if you put your trust in Him.

God was speaking right to me.  In my temptation to be angry with my husband and feel discouraged, God reminds me that it's Him who does the work in hearts, not me.  I love my husband and I'm thankful that he works so hard to take care of his family.  Oh how the very things that bring us blessing can be the very things, when looking through willful eyes can bring us's all in the seeing.

And, that early morning on the couch with my devotional, God opened my eyes and I saw that He's the One in charge, not me.  If I'm frustrated, I go to Him in prayer because He is where my help comes from.  I cling to Him, do what I can do in the situation and pray for Him to do what I can't.

So this Freedom Friday {which happens to be on a Saturday...shhh} I decide to let God lead others while I trust in Him.

  Are you struggling with the temptation to live in anger and discouragement with a loved one? Place them in God's able hands and put your trust in Him.

Yes, let none who trust and wait hopefully and look for You be put to shame or be disappointed; let them be ashamed who forsake the right or deal treacherously without cause.
Psalm 25:3

Is this your first visit to Freedom Friday? 
We're embracing freedom each Friday here in 2012.
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Becca Acker said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, this reminded me of myself. I just wrote a post recently on a topic very similar (not getting down about things, but trusting God instead). So hard to do, yet so necessary.

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