Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time for a Change

I'm getting my haircut today.

Over the past 15 years my hair has been every length from super short to super long.
Super long is what it's been for the past several years and I'm so ready for a change.  My cousin has done my hair on and off for years.  Last year I was at her shop admiring a shoulder-length cut she had just given one of her clients.  As the woman stepped out of her chair, I guess my cousin saw the look on my face and immediately announced, Don't even think about it, I'm not cutting your hair that short!  I like my long hair and have gotten lots of compliments on it, but I feel it's time for something new.  New season, new do.  So, I emailed her the other day to make sure she would be on board to give me a serious cut.  She is.  Great!  Still, I'm a bit nervous, what if it ends up looking bad?  What if I start seeing everyone with long hair and regret my choice?  And you know that whole long hair thing and feeling like it's your beauty.  All silly, (and vain) I know.

Whatevs...I'm going for it.
  Just hope I don't chicken out!

Here are a few of my inspiration pics...been pinning these on Pinterest all year!





Now I better go delete all the long hair pics on my Pinterest hair board so they don't make me misty later!


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Can't wait to see the new do! Miss u dear friend!

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