Monday, August 22, 2011

Bug Hunt

So today was gorgeous!  High 70s and sunny...I could stand every summer day to be this beautiful!  I sent the boys outside so I could get some things done and they quickly got to hunting for bugs.  They were in and out of the kitchen grabbing empty food containers that I had in a bag to go into the recycling bin.  They needed them to make "habitats".  I wasn't going to argue because they were having fun and were really into it.  Plus, they were all getting along and enjoying each other...big plus!

The paper and markers were used to sketch out bug house plans!  Very creative.  The exciting find of the day was a snail named Howard.

They wanted to find Howard a wife that they could name Shelly, after her shell...get it?  Don't ask me where the name Howard came from though.  Anyway, they did find another snail but it was small so they decided she was too little to get married and they let her stay in the garden.  Yes, let her grow and explore life and live among the flowers!

So here's Howard in his new habitat...or bachelor pad as he's not yet married!

Boys + bugs = happy!


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