Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simply Good TV

Anyone seen "Little House on the Prairie" lately?  Two weeks ago I found it on Netflix and ordered the series pilot movie.  That's a good place to start because it gives you the story of the family before they arrived in Walnut Grove.  I thought the boys may enjoy the series, so when the dvd arrived we made a family movie night of it.  As the theme song played my mind went instantly back to my childhood home as I sat watching this with my sister and parents.  My mom would usually end up in tears because of some heart wrenching lesson from the show that night.  Well, just hearing that music and remembering had me in tears...good tears and I knew that we were on to something good here.  And I was right, all of us loved it and the boys were so interested and engaged in the story.  We sent it back and right away ordered up the season 1 discs.  If you haven't seen this since you were a child I highly recommend getting it especially if you have kiddos.  My 3 boys (8, 6 and 5) loved it, and, along with my hubby and I, are enjoying each episode we watch. We are eagerly anticipating the arrivals of each disc.  It's good, wholesome, family entertainment that makes you feel good and inspired to thankfully live life to the full.  It's funny, when this series began I was just a little girl and loved watching Laura and Mary, intrigued by their life on the prairie.  Watching now, as a mom, I am loving watching Ma and Pa and how they build a life together for their family.  It's like watching an old favorite with new eyes.
Highly recommend!    


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