Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun with My Boys

The boys and I just shared a great outing together.  Woke up yesterday
morning and asked them what they'd like to do for the day.  A trip to the zoo was unanimous.  So, after breakfast we headed down to the Brandywine Park and Zoo just a few blocks away.

They wanted to head to the river 1st and check out the wildlife before checking out the zoo life.  I wasn't really planning on that, but okay, sounds good.  So, I set out with my little explorers and we climbed out onto rocks in the water (me in my skirt and flip-flops) to get a better look at ducks, geese, fish, cranes, and even a water snake.

and here he is

I was actually surprised at how into it I was.  Well, the weather was gorgeous...sun-shiney blue skies, low 80s, low humidity...perfect!  We found some really big rocks and camped out there for about an hour and a half.

The boys waded in the water around the rocks and yes 2 of them actually slipped and took a little "swim" and got pretty wet.  It was inevitable really.  But, you know what, they were fine and so was I.  Funny, because when we first got there I went all "laying-down-the-law-mommy" and told them to keep their shoes on, no feet in the water, no touching the water even (what???)...I just knew someone would be soaked, or worse, get some crazy "river illness" (yes, I know, I need to chill).  But as I was exploring with them I thought, what in the world am I asking of them?  Letting them explore down on the water and not get wet?  What kind of downer am I?  So I found as I was there with them that I got comfortable and just didn't care about anything else but enjoying that present moment.  So, I said, that's it everyone take off your shoes and get your feet in the water. 

Yes, even me!  So much fun!  Felt good to not care about anything but just having fun and exploring.  Those boys are great!  I had the best day with them and made some wonderful memories!  Oh, and we did make it to the zoo.  Ethan and Samuel went soaking wet, but they didn't mind, and neither did I.  We got the see the new tiger, Zhanna, which was the highlight of the zoo trip.

this was the best I could do...she wouldn't look...shy I guess

I capped off the day by taking them to Red Robin for a late lunch.  They beg to go there every time we pass by, which is about weekly, so I was excited to have a little cash on hand to treat them. :)

Awesome day!  Smiles and laughter abounded.  Love those boys!!


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