Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days {Day 11} It All Starts with Thanksgiving

Nebraska Sunrise #2
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Sometimes when I wake up in the morning the running list in my head begins.  All the things I have to do today, tomorrow, this week...this year.  Sometimes it even starts before I wake.  In my dreams, evidence of a plate too full.  

That's how I woke up today.  The list of to-dos ringing out in my mind.  The anxious feelings and the defeating thoughts lurking there in the still-dark dawn, waiting for me to take hold of them.  Cruel task-masters longing to rule over me all the day long.  

Well, I'm rejecting those negative thoughts and feelings today.  More aware of their tactics and the road they beckon to lead.  More aware since these 31 days of "Seeking Peace" began.  

How do I do it?  Silence demanding thoughts, stressful feelings?

It all starts with thanksgiving.

So, I lie awake in the dark today, before anyone rises and I give thanks.

Thanks for all that I have that's good in my life...the gifts.
Thanks for my family, our health, our home, boys who love their parents and bring us such joy, for a husband who takes care of us.
You get the picture.

But, I also give thanks for the hard stuff.  The things I normally stress over.
Thanks for the paperwork scattered and piled high, the bills I'm not sure how to pay, the waiting for an answer I long to hear, the project I took on that's too big for me.
Thanks, because He's in it, longing to help.
My perspective changes.

That's where it breaks.

The power those hard things wield.
It breaks in the thanksgiving.

So that's where I begin this morning.
In the thanksgiving chair.
And things get brighter.

I invite you to have a seat.
Remember to give thanks.
Watch the stress lose it's power in the place of praise.  

This post has a video.

Enjoy your day.
And remember, if those thoughts start coming again during the day, get back in the chair and give thanks.


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