Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Injecting Thanks Into Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.


Here's a thought...

 In all the rush to prepare, either to get where we're going for an out-of-town feast or maybe we're elbow deep in the details of hosting our own celebration, if we're not careful, Thanksgiving will represent the way our day to day lives look and feel sometimes...
stressed, rushed, on the run, barking at the kids, the perfectionism to make the perfect meal, have the perfect table setting and to-do lists a mile long.

Is this what the pilgrims had in mind on that 1st Thanksgiving in Plymouth?

Stress is addicting.
 And along with it's ugly sisters, anxiety and fear, brings harsh words and nastiness which can become automatic responses to every situation when you're living in a rushed world.
  Stress can wound bystanders and debilitate it's host.
I know, because I've wounded with words.
I've allowed the stress-induced debilitation.

But giving thanks and counting blessings calms, slows things down and counters stress with a powerful punch.
It's a daily walk, but thanks can renew a mind set on the stress auto-pilot.

Injecting thanks into Thanksgiving injects joy and stops the rush in order to focus on the moment.
  To take it all in and rejoice.
  Thanksgiving, if we let it, can just turn into the meal we have before we run out the door to catch all the early-bird Black Friday sales.
This is what the world promises...happiness in the form of a bargain basement, elbow-jabbing deal.
I'm all for a great deal, but when did Thursday become Friday, and when did we get sucked into the hype, and how could purchasing replace Thanks anyway?


So this Thanksgiving I've decided to focus on slowing down, enjoying, and remembering to give thanks...not just once, but throughout the day.
  I want to do it like breathing and let the thanks breathe new life into me.
I want to enjoy my family and be present.

Join me?
  Slow down and enjoy and count your blessings.
  It's not just something to say it's something to do.
  Be thankful that you even have this day to be thankful for.
  Take inventory of all you have that could never be bought or replaced.

Don't let Thanksgiving be a rush to get from a to b while you mow down the spirits of those you love.
Don't let it be just a precursor to the biggest, craziest, most chronicled shopping day of the year.
Let it be a day of thanks.

  So, before you pack up the car and head off to Grandma's house, or before you set the table and the guests arrive at your home, decide to be thankful and to focus on blessings.
  It's not about measuring up with your sparkling Thanksgiving cocktail hour conversation, your spectacular table setting with the painstakingly perfect place cards, or about your totally organic and gourmet feast.

  It's about taking measure of a life through thanks.
{I'm reminding myself and learning one step at a time.}

Continuing to count gifts and give thanks....

*This day, this life
*That all is made possible because of Him who loves and never stops
*That the crooked places in my heart and life are being made straight
*Boys off from school and full of ideas
*Talking to my Dad on the phone
*Jars of thanksgiving overflowing with the thanks of 3 boys
*A Thanksgiving day off with my hard-working husband
*His safety and protection

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