Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Weekend Reading

I know, I did an owl for last week's weekend post, but I couldn't resist those big eyes...too cute.

I'm sorry I haven't been around here this week.
 I've been knocked out with sickness for part of the week and busy with the boys' schools for the other part.
  Starting to feel better and ready to get back to this little space.
  For now I just wanted to share some good reads for the weekend with you.
  But, I'll definitely be back tomorrow with a fun holiday idea.
See you then.

Click on the links in blue below and enjoy!

1. I love this mom advice from a veteran mom about making time to connect with your child's heart
 from Sally Clarkson at I Take Joy.

2. An imperfect, flexible, do-able meal blueprint and a yummy artisan bread recipe
  from The Nester.

3. 9 toxins to remove from your life
  from Keeper of the Home.

4. A cute, impromtu, romantic marriage moment in the middle of Trader Joe's
 from Jumping Tandem.

5. Word strengtheners: free printables
 from Ann Voskamp.


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