Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Love That Doesn't Cost a Thing

Ever been the victim of conditional love?
Me too.
Because that's what this world offers.

Be the best.
Look the best.
Have the best.
Always be what they need you to be.

And then, you'll be loved.

Give them what they want.
Be available when they need.
Don't rock the boat.
Never make a mistake.

And then, you'll be loved.

But there's pain.
Because it's conditional.
Because your identity becomes wrapped in the expectations of others.
  The friend who expects you to read her mind and because you haven't, she's iced you out, built a wall and left you on the other side.
Punished and alone.
  The husband who expects you to look model-perfect and because you don't, his head turns for everyone else but you.
  Self-esteem squashed.
The parent who manipulates and expects you to be there for their every need, disregarding the fact that you've got a family of your own to tend.
Guilt trip grips.

And love becomes a barb that stabs, instead of a balm that soothes.

But there is a love that doesn't cost a thing.
A love that says,
Come as you are, because you are all that I want.
  A love that heals barb-torn hearts and try-hard impulses.
A love that only asks to be received.

The love of God through His Son Jesus.

A love that flows freely because you were made for it...because of it.
A love that no person can earn, but only need accept.
A love that promises no matter who you are, no matter what you've done, no matter what you have, no matter what you've lost...God loves you.

So, no matter where you are in a relationship with God, He's there and He loves.
Maybe you need to remember.
Some of us need to rediscover.
Others need to realize.
But all of us need to reach up and receive the love that's eternal.
The love that is unconditional.

The love that doesn't cost a thing. 

Continuing to count blessings over at A Holy Experience today.

*unconditional Love
*healed barb-torn heart
*discovering who I was made to be
*reaching out for prayers only to discover God
already laid me on her heart...prayers already
offered up
*discovering that He sees me in my pain and
*an easy, come as you are Saturday with a friend
*learning to let go
*all 5 of us together on Sunday growing in prayer
*pieces of paper with 3 little boy's handwriting...lists to God of what's on their growing hearts
*amazed at their hearts and how He's at work

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Nacole said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi Maureen,

ive seen the heart in the link up many times--but i think this is my first time here. i loved this: "healed barb-torn heart".

blessings in His grace,



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