Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Counting blessings today.
Started when I came home from dropping my 3 boys to school.
  I stepped in the front door and the pictures on the wall of baby boys with round faces and chubby hands stopped me...grabbed my heart and the rush of the morning let go of it's hold on me.
These boys.
The best gifts given.
Gifts that have cheated death and diagnoses and have taught a mother with all of their living.

Things can get so busy and I can lose perspective, caught in the trap of the to-dos and the 4 walls of my mind.
But this moment...grace.
These pictures, a beckoning to remember love and give thanks.
Time is so short.

We make plans and look ahead with what-ifs, look behind with regrets.
And we miss this moment...the now that we have been given.
And it's the now that we will long for one day, if it wasn't embraced when we had it.
The's a moment guaranteed.
It's a moment to be treasured.
A gift that has been given.
A blessing to count.

So, I release the hold I've had on the problems and all the "trying-to-figure-it-out."
I let go of that and make space.
Space for counting.
Because problems are safer in Jesus' hands anyway.
And it's in the counting and the giving thanks that He draws near.

So, I begin counting...
*round baby-faces and chubby hands
*growing boys
*a home filled with love
*living...a gift
*noise and rough-n-tumble boy rowdiness
*5-year-old handwriting
*7-year-old drawings
*8-year-old tales
*hard-working, dedicated husband
*learning to trust and seeing the fruit
*this moment...grace

Continuing to count the never-ending blessings.

I encourage you to release your grip and take a few moments to'll be happy you did.

Won't you share in the comments one thing you've counted today?

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Edith said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Children are such a blessing and when you take the time to look at your life and your blessings you definitely feel more thankful what you have been given. Thank you so much for visiting me! I am gonna have to keep up with you.

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