Friday, February 24, 2012

A Freedom Friday Challenge

It's been a busy week.
Lots of running around.
Loads and loads of laundry...some still in baskets.
Make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, repeat.
Messy house.  Clutter, where do you come from?
Noisy mind.  Clutter, how did you get there?
3 very. rambunctious. boys.
Husband went away yesterday for 5 days...what??!!?

Freedom?  Yes thank you, I need it.


So this week I'm issuing a Freedom Friday Challenge.
Join me?

As the weekend begins, sit down in a quiet place for a few minutes and jot down at least 5 things that you'd like to do for you over the next couple of days.  Find a way to take a break from being the caretaker, wife, mommy, home manager, maid, cook, laundress, etc and just tap into what it is that you like to do for you.

And before anyone starts thinking, well that's selfish, how can I possibly do that?  Remember how you've been saying to yourself, and anyone else who would listen, that you need a break.  Or maybe you haven't been actually saying it but you've been sighing a lot.  You know the one you think no one can hear that slips out when you're thinking, here we go again

Look at it this way...
5 fun things + all for you = happy lady
 (which actually benefits the hubby and the kids too)

And even though I'm parenting alone this weekend, and adding 2 more kids to my charge for a few days starting on Sunday morning (my friend and hubby are going out of town...thought I'd throw that in there to show how I'm upping the freedom challenge difficulty level over here), I am still taking the challenge because I so desperately need it.

Here's my list:
(now this would look a bit different if I was able to leave the house without the kids for a little "getaway", but like I said I'm the only one in charge for the next few days so I'm finding freedom when and how I can)
*Make brownies just for me
(already in the oven...check)

*Get snuggled up in bed and watch a good chick flick
(I borrowed a few from my friend and my sis...Moonlight and Valentino, Sliding Doors, Shag, The Notebook, Raising Helen, Pride and Prejudice)

*Take a hot bubble bath with some essential oils

(my friend just taught me how and I'm working on a scarf)

*Put together a home inspiration book
(I have tons of magazines that I've been tearing pages out of and I want to get them into a binder so I have them for decor and project inspiration...kind of an old-school Pinterest)

So there you have it...pretty simple ideas and ones I think I should be able to pull off when the kids are in bed for the night or busy with a movie in the afternoon.

What about you?
What are the 5 things you're going to let yourself enjoy this weekend?

Is this your first visit to Freedom Friday? 
We're embracing freedom each Friday here in 2012.
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Colleen said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was thinking of you on Thursday night and heard.."Love is the key to the door of freedom." Well I think the first step to that is loving yourself. We are able to love out of the abundance of love in our own hearts!!! That is great. I never do list and than I know I take time during the day to do things but I feel so scattered so I am hoping to make a list and do those things so I can make sure to make specific time for myself. Praying for a peaceful weekend for you!!!! Sounds like you have a lot of great things already together so you can seize those opportunities to take time for yourself!!!! That is awesome about the croucheting too. I tried I couldn't get it. You will have to post your scarf!!!!!

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