Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Weekend Reading


Ok, so the weekend is practically over and I'm just getting to sending this out.  But, weekend reading or not, I found some good ideas and still wanted to share.
We've been busy here finishing up the decorating, painting ornaments, and baking cookies.
  So that's why I've been quiet on the blog.
Lots of fun with the boys, but honestly I'm exhausted!
 Here are some links you may want to check out in this last week before Christmas...
{just click on the colored text}

1.  Kids want to make a gingerbread house?  Check out these little cuties made from graham crackers, hot glue and assorted candies from Under the Sycamore.

2.  Wonder what to give Jesus for His birthday?  Read this from A Holy Experience.  It will challenge you.  I was challenged and have been amazed at how my boys pore over this catalog deciding what to give Him.  After all, He's the one who should be getting the gifts.

3.  Want to go on a Christmas tour of homes without paying any money or leaving your house?  Check out the Christmas decor of over 500 people who have linked up over at the Nesting Place.  I'm hoping to take some pics of what we've done around here and jump in on the tour myself. 

4.  I don't have any little girls {sigh}, but if I did we'd make these easy and super cute Christmas ornaments from Meg over at Whatever.

5.  How creative are these self portrait ornaments from eighteen25?  They are an instant keepsake that you can display all year-round.  I'd love to try them.

6.  Ok, this is just silly and nothing to do with Christmas but made me laugh out loud.  You may have seen some of the "Hey Girl" photos with Ryan Gosling before, or maybe not.  Either way, here's a collection of them over at Joy's Hope with crafty quotes attached.

Enjoy this week friends!  


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