Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Reflecting and Counting


  As I reflect on 2011 and each of my happy, difficult and quiet moments, I'm thanking God simply for being there, for guiding, loving, correcting, giving wisdom, and never leaving.

  And I'm thanking Him for the people that He's placed in my life.
   He's made my life fuller and more beautiful because of each of them.   I can't recall this year without counting these blessings He's given:

*My husband
  We've been through thick and thin.  He knows me better than anyone...the good, the bad, and the ugly, yet he loves me.  It's nice to know that someone knows you like that yet still calls you "Love".  Still wants to hold your hand and walk together into wherever the path leads.  He sees the world through optimistic eyes even when things are rough.  He never gives up.  He takes his time and tries his best.  He's humble.  He sees the best in people and in circumstances.  He admits his faults.  He loves God.  He loves his little family.  He keeps having fun, no matter what it looks like.  I love him.  And I need him.  God knows it.

*My family of awesome boys
  I get to love them and care for them every day.  I get to hear their laughter and rambunctious fun, their prayers at night and everything in between.  They bring this home to life.  They are sweet, funny and entertaining.  They are courageous.  They love to bee-bug (snuggle).  They give me kisses all the time.  They call me beautiful.  They are patient and forgiving with this flawed mommy.  And, although it can be a challenge being mommy to 3 boys, they've taught me so much and they've made my heart swell to ridiculous proportions.  Most of all, motherhood has drawn me closer to God because there's no way I can do this without Him!  It still amazes me that they are mine.  That I was chosen to be their mommy.  What an amazing gift!

*My family of awesome girls
My 2 sisters and 6 cousins, all girls.  I love these girls!  Love being surrounded by them.  The laughter is contagious and just doesn't stop when we are together.  I grew up with these girls, share a past with them, share memories that only they know, they are a part of me and I love it!  All of them are strong.  Each one has a story.  Each one is wife, mother and amazing woman.  They make me happy.

*My Dad
So thankful to have my Dad close.  It's great to talk to him on the phone and visit with him in person.  He's thoughtful.  For my birthday he takes the time to pick out the perfect Hallmark card, the one that seems it was written with me in mind, the kind that always makes me cry.  He's there for us.  He's been a help to us.  When I have a concern or a problem he offers to pray and I know he does each night.  The boys love going to Pop-pop's, especially to his pool in the summer-time.  It's a gathering place.  Lots of good times and memory-making.  I'm glad he's here.

*My friends
 My friends have been such an amazing blessing to me, especially this year.  God has brought a few new friends into my life, deepened some existing friendships, and renewed treasured old friendships.  Some friends have become like sisters to me.  Who show up just because.  Who give hugs just when I need them.  Who see my heartache when others are fooled by the smile on my face.  Who through their generosity, selflessness and unconditional love, have made me feel seen and cared for.  Who through their creativity have inspired me to create and be all that God made me to be.  Who through their testimonies have taught me and given me hope.  Who through their strength and courageousness have filled me with awe.  Who through their faith have lifted me.  We've prayed prayers, laughed and cried, celebrated good times, and shared heartaches together.  I am so thankful to God for these girls.  

This year has been one of pruning and digging deep.  Although it has been painful at times, I know it's necessary for growth and I wait expectantly for the bud of beautiful blooms.

  But, it's going through this process that I've
experienced the love of God through the love and kindness of others.

 He's always there. 
He always loves.
He sees.
He knows.
 He provides.

Continuing to look to His leading in the New Year.
And praying that you experience His unconditional love through the relationships in your life this New Year as well.


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