Friday, March 23, 2012

What's Your Dream?


I woke up with these words in my head a of couple months ago and they haven't stopped calling.

What's your dream?

I've been a wife for 15 years and a mommy for 9 years and I love that.  And if you asked me what I do, that's what I'd say. I'm comfortable with that and it's a safe, understandable answer.  It's who I am.  But, is it?  Is that who I am or is it merely what I do?  Of course that's who I am to my husband and my boys, but am I something more?

  And I feel something stirring; I hear God calling,

What's your dream?

Me?  Well, {sheepishly} I don't know.

  But, if I allowed myself to really ponder that question, things, visions start to bubble up from deep inside.  Big things.  Things that don't fit into a safe and comfortable pat answer to the question, What do you do?  Things that seem reserved just for those specially chosen few.  
 Things that seem like I could never do...but for God. 

So, finally, I learn to ask,
What's Your dream for me, God?
What did you have in mind when you created me?

And this is where I find myself these days.

It's new territory for me, or at least territory I haven't roamed in a very long time.  But I find myself more open to dreaming after dealing with fear.
  Fear says, You'll never be anything more than the mess you are right now.  Your situation will never change, so don't even bother.

But once I stopped listening to fear, I started hearing the dreams of God.  Dreams long forgotten and covered up with disappointment and pain.  Others that are new to me, but feel like they were written before my days began.  
And my spirit leaps and hope springs up.

I'm listening...
and dreaming.

Might I ask, 
What's your dream?
Pose that question back to God and listen for answers that make you come alive.

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