Friday, March 16, 2012

March It Out


I woke up early the other day and read this...

That one fear.
Take these days of in-between, one season closing out as another season beckons, these days, to march into victory.

Well, last Friday I put fear on notice.
But today I go deeper...naming that one fear, shining a light on it and rooting it out.

Join me?
What's your one fear?
Care to march around it these last weeks of March and see it come down?

Here's how I'm doing it:

1.  Name it.
In what area of your life does fear most act up in?
  For me it's provision.
Will my and my family's needs be met?
  My husband has his own business so there isn't a regular guaranteed paycheck.  This past year especially has been a struggle for us and although we've seen God miraculously provide, there have also been unpaid bills and other challenges.
It's been a tough time.
So, this area of fear taunts, your needs will not be met and what you have you will lose.

2.  Speak to it.
Look up every scripture you can on it.  Read these truths daily to renew your mind with the truth of God's Word.  Write the scriptures on cards and carry them with you to pull out when you feel that fear start to rise up.  Soon the wrong thinking will be replaced with right thinking and out of a right mind come right words.  And words have power to bring life or death to our situation.

3.  Give thanks
Giving thanks to God in your everyday makes Him bigger and makes the fear smaller.
  Psalm 69:30 says, ...I will magnify {God} with thanksgiving.
  Last year I joined with Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts challenge to keep track of all the gifts God has for me in each day.  It felt good to have that focus, but honestly, I've fallen away from keeping that list and having that focus and I want it back.  So, I pick up my gratitude journal again and decide to fix my eyes on what God's doing in my everyday.  I'll encounter God in the thanksgiving and there with Him I'll find joy.

4. Prayer
Is there a person in your life that brings out the fear in you either by their actions toward you or in the things they do and decide that directly affect you?  Pray for them daily; that God would love on them, give them wisdom and direct their steps.  Trust them to God's hands.  Daily I've been praying for God to give my husband and I wisdom with our finances.  We've been taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, so that helps.  And since my husband's business is the main channel through which we bring money into our home, I pray these things I mentioned above for him.  Entrusting him, and myself and the boys, to God's care.

Ready to march in to freedom? 

Is this your first visit to Freedom Friday?

We're embracing freedom each Friday here in 2012.
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