Saturday, May 21, 2011

An 8 Year-Old's Wisdom

Yesterday morning was a tough one.  I woke up late feeling very ill and exhausted from a crazy week and had 3 boys to get ready for school.  As I was juggling boys, breakfast, and trying to get ahold of the doctor, I felt the pressure rising.  It's busy around here with 3 rambunctious boys...and LOUD...always.  Add in the constant tattling that has been their default mode lately and that makes for a very stressed mama.  So, in the kitchen in the midst of the spilt milk (seems like a daily occurrence) and getting the cereal bars on plates, I let out a big,

"Jesus help me!"

Then, I hear Ethan's voice very tenderly say,

"He's helping you mom.  When times are hard and you only see one pair of footprints that's because Jesus is carrying you.  And, He's carrying you now Mom."

I balled!!!!  Something in me just broke open and I started to sob.  Which showed me that Ethan's words touched something deeper inside of me than the stress of that touched a fear inside that taunts,

"You're not good enough.  You can't handle it.  Things will not go well."

As I balled and hugged my wise 8 year-old son, he went on to say,

"Jesus promises us that if we believe in Him, He'll never leave us.  So, He's with you mom."

He's with me.  As I recalled Ethan's words over and over the rest of that day, I did feel better.  I want to live there, right smack in the middle of that truth.  Instead of allowing circumstances to stress me out and making the choice (because it is my choice) to listen to those fears in my mind, I want to look at those circumstances through the lens of the Truth which says Jesus will never leave me.  He's with me.  His grace is sufficient.

Oh, to live there...that's my goal.


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