Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Little Weekend Reading


We'll call this weekend reading the all-natural health edition.

I've had a growing interest in natural health for a few years now.  Lately I've been doing a lot of research on the internet and watching some really informative documentaries to help me to make better choices for optimum health and to feel better.  Today, I wanted to share some articles that have jumped out at me.

1.  Immune system need a boost?  Try these 12 boosters from My Blessed Life.

2.  Be more informed about what's in the food you're eating.  Check out this list of the top 10 scariest food additives from Yahoo Health.

3.  Feeling sick and tired?  Try these simple ways to cleanse and detox from Keeper of the Home.

4.  5 foods women should be eating as recommended by Katie at Simple Organic. 

5.  5 more foods for optimum health and to avoid the flu, also from Simple Organic.

6.  4 ways to knock out your cold using things you already have on hand from Green Your Way.

7.  We all know that we should drink more water for better health.  Here is a list of benefits to drinking lemon water from My Favorite Things.

7.  The waste your body eliminates can tell you about your level of health.  Check out this interesting and easy to read poster I found at The Wellness Warrior.  Don't worry, no real pictures, just drawings. 

Here's to a healthy 2012!


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