Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home Goals

The Nester

So I mentioned in My Word for 2012 post that I wanted freedom, and one of those areas I need freedom in is my home.  For one thing we just seem to have too much clutter.  I mean, where does all the stuff come from?  But, I have one main room in my home that needs some renovating so we can put it to use.  So when the Nester decided to host a Home Goals party, I decided to share my area of need and put my goal out there...a good way to hold myself accountable I think.

We live in a 100 year-old house that has a 3rd floor with 2 rooms. We've used them for various purposes over the 13+ years we've lived here, but over the last several years, as we filled the other rooms with 3 boys and their stuff, the 3rd floor became a sort of storage area.  Our dream is to make those rooms into an office/craft room and a sort of "quiet retreat" prayer space. 

So here is how the rooms look now...

Scary!  The ceiling is awaiting insulation and dry wall.  We've collected a nice bunch of cabinetry that's been sitting in boxes on my front porch {for an embarrassing amount of time} which my husband will install.  Floors need to be redone, walls painted, new lighting, decor, etc.
  Lots to do.   Not to mention all the "stuff" that's now sitting in the front room that needs to be sorted through.  Uhh!  But once it's complete I can see myself spending so much time up there.  Having an office to manage my husband's business and to aid in the management of our home will help so much in clearing clutter and paperwork from other areas of our home.   Also, having a place to create will be so amazing.  Once upon a time that space was my craft room and I long to have a place to create in again.  And having a little retreat space where I can sit and relax and have some quiet time in the morning to pray will be such a little luxury.  I look forward to it.

Here are some makeover inspiration photos that I found on Pinterest...

Better Homes and Gardens  via loving this life on pinterest
Better Homes and Gardens via loving this life on pinterest
Decor Pad via loving this life on pinterest
I'm hoping to start making some progress and to post pictures as we go through this diy project. 

Do you have any home goals this year? Share them over at the Nesting Place or just check out the goals of some of the 300 others who've shared.


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What a fun transformation you're going to have! :-)

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