Monday, January 23, 2012

These Words Are Stirring Me


There is a light that shines within me.
There is a hope that burns inside me.

Deep within my soul, my very existence, there is a being waiting to be freed.

A child who knows no fear, pain, or rejection.
There is an emotion all encompassing of excitement, joyfulness, gladness, and love.

The creative potential of laughter and the undeniable power of an infant's joy live inside me.
Unmeasurable are my limits for I call you Father.
Unimaginable my potential for you have called me daughter.

There is someone inside of me, waiting to be unleashed, whom you embrace, whom I long to be.

There is an all-consuming fire, a light that permeates from my very being.
You have unlocked me God, the doors you open no man can shut.

I will praise you for all my days for you are good.
You have released me God, with your love...
You are everything.

Words by Ian McIntosh from his song "Adoration" which you can listen to here.
*I changed the word son, to daughter. 


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