Friday, April 20, 2012

No Matter What

The note came by way of her mother, to me, sealed in an envelope, addressed to Ethan, marked with a request that it be read alone in his bunk bed.  Needless to say, my dear friend and I were curious, to say the least.  Ethan and Adaire have been friends all of their lives.  Born only 2 days apart, they have grown up together, shared many play-dates, birthday parties, first days of school, and sleepovers.  So passing a note to one another isn't that out of the ordinary, but this one had a bit of mystery that had me and my friend curious.

  The only thing we had to go on was, the day before, my friend's daughter got up from the homeschooling room, grabbed her bible and went into her bedroom.  When she came out she had the note signed and sealed with a request for her mother to deliver it.  So she did.  Gave it to me with all the expression of 9-year-old urgency and I toted it around in my purse all day before I remembered that urgent note when I woke the next morning.  So, deliver it I did to my sleepy-eyed boy up in the top of his bunk.  He sat up with excitement and finding that he was already in position, according to the instructions on the envelope, he tore it open.  I asked if he minded if I stayed in the room while he read it silently to himself.  He nodded and began to read.

He smiled as he read and nodded his head as he finished.  Nodding to himself with a confident smile as if he was thinking,
 Yeah, I got this in the bag.  No problem.

Well, I was curious before I delivered the note, but now I really wanted to know what it said.  So I asked Ethan, and he handed it to me to read.  I have thought of it ever since.
  He gave his ok to share it.  Here it is...

Jesus said, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father, except through me.

Dear Ethan, Please do this for me.  I need you to preach the good news.  I know that I could do it too, but you can do it more often because you're at a public school.  Take Peter for example, 
he preached no matter what. 
So let's do the same.

And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15

The Great Day is Quickly Coming!!!

From the cradle to the cross and through the heavens, Jesus made it through it all.


Can you stand it?  Well, needless to say I was in tears as I read this aloud.  Ethan was beaming a confident, peaceful smile; the  kind that comes when you know something, this good thing, is exactly the thing for you and you know just what you'll do with it.

I was wrecked.

Nine year olds encouraging each other to preach the gospel, no matter what.  This spoke volumes to me and continues to turn 'round in my spirit.

  These children get it and oh what we can learn from them...

If you know the good news, share it.
  Encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ to do the same.
Remember the great's the reason we're still here.
Never take your eyes off of Jesus...
Who He was, Who He is, and Who He is coming to Be.

And do it all, no matter what.

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