Thursday, July 3, 2014

preschoolers and bees

I bought a pretty bracelet the other day. I was drawn to the blue and green shades. It has 2 bees on it. I don't own anything with bees on it but something about this bracelet was so appealing, and it matched a dress I picked up to wear to a wedding, so I bought it. It was a couple weeks later, as I wore it, not to the wedding but on a regular day just because, that I looked at the bracelet dangling there on my wrist and immediately I remembered a drive a few years ago on the way to my youngest son's preschool. He and his sweet little friend Abbi were in the back seat having one of their conversations.  I always turned down the radio when Abbi got in the van because their 4 year old conversations were priceless and I never wanted to miss a single word.  This time they were talking about bees. Samuel asked Abbi , 
"You know how to tell which one is the queen bee?" 
She didn't know. 
He promptly replied, 
"She's the one who sits in the chair."  

I've thought about that conversation more than a couple times with a chuckle over the past few years but as I recalled it this time, it meant something different to me.  She's the one who sits in the chair reminded me of the fact that I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.  You see I've been studying lately about the believer's authority and as soon as we confess that Jesus is Lord of our lives the Bible says we are immediately seated with Him in heavenly places.  He's seated there with all power and authority, God having placed all things under His feet, which simply means He's got dominion over it all.  He's seated there and God has made us to sit there with Him...there with His power and authority and all things under our feet, which simply means He's given us dominion.  So that means all sickness, lack, strife, divorce, and every evil work, we sit above it all in our chair with Christ, all His power and authority given to us to do His will on earth as it is in heaven.  His will is for us to bind the works of the devil and loose the blessing of God wherever we go. 

So as I've been reading the Bible and learning the truth of God's word and His promises to all believers, this believer is reminded, as I look down at my pretty bee-wrapped wrist, that she's the one who sits in the chair.  No matter what it looks like in my situation here in my daily life, in the spirit I am seated in heavenly places with Jesus and He expects me to look from that perspective and use that authority to speak His will over my life and watch to see what He'll do.  That's the perspective I want, so,
 I'm getting in my chair.

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